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csr is the only manufacturer that has any reference to using wet area board on ceilings. all other manfacturers only refer to use of wet are board on walls. therefore whilst i know it is not a requirement of any regulations to use wet are board on a ceiling in a bathroom.【Get Price】

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don’t confuse blue board with green board (the green stuff is just moisture resistant sheetrock typically used in bathrooms for drywall projects it’s not made for plaster). many people consider plaster finishes to be more high end than drywall and they have seen a surge in popularity.【Get Price】

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part 1: drywall vs. blueboard explained bob meets with bill reid (of us gypsum) in the barn of the victorian restoration project house. bill differentiates imperial board (blue board) which is.【Get Price】

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at the top of the list is sheetrock which is a brand name of drywall made by the usg company. popular generic terms for drywall include wallboard plasterboard and more technically gypsum board and gypsum panels. in the building trades "drywall" is used as both a noun and a verb (drywall it!).【Get Price】

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2 answers. tile will hold up fine on the blue board / green board in areas that are not wet. in the 50's it was common to install tile on regular sheetrock in bath / shower areas. i saw many jobs that lasted 20-30 years before the sheetrock failed in wet areas but in dry areas it last longer (than wet areas)and is less expensive to install.【Get Price】

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uplight your ceiling with sconces to create the illusion of a taller ceiling "you can use design tricks through lighting to visually enhance the space in a small bathroom. to make the room appear larger try up-lighting the ceiling with wall sconces or cove lighting.【Get Price】

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greenboard is the pejorative term for a type of drywall that is used for walls in damp areas. experts and industry professionals debate whether greenboard should be used in high-moisture areas. some believe that cement board such as durock is best used for tile in highly wet applications such as shower...【Get Price】

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blue board is designed for external use. villa board which is a similarly product is used for internal use. it is usually green color. this is the best product for bathrooms. however it should be tiled over. it is not the best to paint over.【Get Price】

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blue board drywall is also known as plaster baseboard. blue board is used for veneer plastering and the surface paper has special absorption qualities. it has a high water and mold resistance and there are fewer steps involved in veneer plastering. blue board drywall is not made for mud tape or paint.【Get Price】

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spin the drywall lift wheel to lift the board near the ceiling. wheel the lift toward the first corner set to accept drywall. snug the panel up to the ceiling.【Get Price】

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in bathrooms you'll want to make sure you choose the right type of drywall - from mold resistant to moisture resistant. the coach explains what you'll need to know. whether you’re building a.【Get Price】

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while drywall is designed to be covered with paper to take paint blueboard has a more-absorbent paper specifically designed for bonding with veener plastic. while there are many reasons you might consider using blueboard instead of drywall a common one is that it’s quicker to install. in.【Get Price】

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hoping someone can help clear up disagreement between husband and contractor. we are having blue board with plaster veneer for renovation instead of drywall. for the bathroom my husband thinks we need green board with something over that then plaster veneer over that. contractor says blue board with plaster veneer is fine.【Get Price】

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when to use "green board" or moisture resistant drywall? i'm about to go buy drywall for the bathroom i'm adding in my basement. i had always planned about buying all green board but i figured i would see what the internet thought about it first.【Get Price】

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for us in our bathroom we'd lived with the horrible texture on the ceiling the bad cracks and the fear that the whole thing could come crashing down at any moment for so long that the look of the screen over the whole ceiling was a marked improvement and gave us a tremendous sense of hope.【Get Price】

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re: mold proof drywall vs. greenboard for the bathroom we use purple board it is the replacement of green board. green board actually has paper on the backside which gets moldy. green board has been stopped in the production making but will be around for years due to the overstock of it.【Get Price】

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the best way to install villaboard panels is by working from the ceiling down to the floor. villaboard is 1200mm high so measure down from the ceiling and make a mark on each timber stud at 1200mm. this horizontal join line will come in handy in a couple of steps from now.【Get Price】

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so if you are installing wedi board all the way to the ceiling then you don’t want to put any sealant in the very corner seam- where wedi board turns into the ceiling. doing this can make a mess on the ceiling that wouldn’t be covered with tile.【Get Price】

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blue board and green board are both designed for use in applications where regular drywall wouldn't be sufficient. blue board is for walls that will be finished with veneer plaster. the other specialized wallboard product -- green board -- is intended for use in areas that will be regularly exposed to moisture.【Get Price】

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we just had our bathroom retiled and the tile guy used cement board up to 6" and green board to the ceiling. the previous owners installed a plastic shower surround with drywall remnants and particle board behind it. moisture inevitably got back behind the surround and caused a mold problem.【Get Price】

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adding a tile wall to the shower is great way to breathe new life into a bathroom. not only will a tile wall look great but it also has durable and long-lasting qualities. however adding the right kind of drywall board behind the tile can be challenging especially considering all the moisture the.【Get Price】

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mold proof drywall vs. greenboard for the bathroom. re: mold proof drywall vs. greenboard for the bathroom i have kinda been wondering the same thing in the past. dense sheild is a great tile backer but i don't think i would use it for the whole bathroom. i have used blue board which is a step up from the old green board.【Get Price】

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i've seem a lot of people telling that greenboard drywall should not be used in bathroom and wet areas. however in brazil (where drywall is kind of a novelty yet) the manufactures recommend greenboard for bathrooms and describe treatments to make it safe to use (even with tiles) not only that but cement board is very difficult to come by here.【Get Price】

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bill differentiates imperial board (blue board) which is skim-coated from drywall (gypsum panels) whose joints are taped. in 2000 us gypsum developed a new core technology that makes the boards stronger and lighter for easier handling cutting and scoring. these new boards snap cleanly on the ends.【Get Price】

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greenboard is a water-resistant gypsum board or drywall panel that came out in the 1960’s. the product is essentially a more durable gypsum board. it has the same gypsum core that you’ll find on standard drywall all over homes but it comes with a thicker coating of paper that’s protected by wax for water resistance.【Get Price】

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the best bathroom drywall is green board. i'd install it on all walls and ceilings in a bathroom so long as you follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. on ceilings be sure to space the fasteners on 9-inch centers. use galvanized drywall screws to attach the green board to the wall studs.【Get Price】

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if the ceiling is eight feet or more i'd install 5/8ths inch regulay sheetrock on the ceilings. if you really want mr board you'll need to reduce the spacing of the ceiling joists to a maximum of 12" on center for half-inch board.【Get Price】

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drywall also known as sheetrock or wall board is lightweight and affordable for interior walls or ceiling panels. this guide explains which drywall is best used in certain scenarios so you can make an informed buying decision.【Get Price】

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it was developed to replace lath and plaster construction. while typical drywall uses standard paper greenboards use a moisture-resistant green-colored paper. blueboards similarly have a blue-colored paper covering designed specifically to adhere to plaster. these boards are available in 4×8 and 4×10-foot sheets and are 1/2 or 5/8 inch thick.【Get Price】

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cement board installation can be daunting. especially if you’ve never done it! our previous tutorial shared how to choose the right bathroom backer boards in order to avoid a moldy bathroom.. cement board is a huge part of a bathroom renovation because it doesn’t contain any organic matter for mold to use as food.【Get Price】