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there are two different ways to install a wrought iron fence on top of a wall. 1. core drill: once again this is the recommended and most secure method. use the core drill to bore out a hole at least a little larger than the diameter of the post. the depth of the hole should be at least 4". quick drying grout (not standard concrete) should be used when installing posts on top of a wall. 2.【Get Price】

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advertisement. as for the posts themselves a little regular scrutiny and maintenance will help ensure a long life for your fence. inspect your posts at least once a year ideally in spring or fall and reapply paint or stain as necessary to protect the wood and keep your fence looking its best.【Get Price】

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to attach fence posts to concrete you have two options. the first is to cut through the concrete using a saw or core driller. the second option is to weld mounting brackets to the bottom of the posts.【Get Price】

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since you are covering the post with vinyl you could weld 3.5" square x 1/8" wall steel tube to a base plate and bolt the base plate to the concrete with really good anchors. the steel tube is the same dimension as the 4x4 posts.【Get Price】

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side-mounted posts. a third option for attaching a post to solid concrete or concrete block is side mounting which works well on an elevated masonry base such as steps or a raised concrete porch. a good rule of thumb when side mounting is to attach at least one-third of the post below the top level of the concrete.【Get Price】

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how to build a fence on top of a concrete slab step 1. stretch a chalk snap line across the slab to mark a line that indicates the outer faces... step 2. align a square with a pencil mark that indicates the position of a post. step 3. align a post bracket with the layout lines that indicate the.【Get Price】

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installing fence posts how to mark a fence line and the post locations before building a fence. after digging the post holes the posts should be braced and set in concrete before attaching the rails and pickets.【Get Price】

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chain link post surface concrete mount 2" post size. requires 1/2" x 3-3/4" concrete wedge anchors not included.【Get Price】

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there was an old wire (rusty) fence attached to this which i now have to replace for something safer. my plan is to fix 2 batons along the length of the fence and then attach 1.8m trelliss panels to this which are guaranteed for 10 years. i am then going to plant along the length of the fence with various climbers.【Get Price】

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anchoring fence posts. there are three ways of anchoring the posts in the ground: metal spikes can be used; bolt-down fence bases; the posts can be bedded in concrete; whether you erect all the posts first or one at a time depends on the material used for the fencing.【Get Price】

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a beginner's guide to attaching things to concrete and brick - duration: 6:22. seejanedrill 1682067 views. 6:22.. no concrete fence post install! - duration: 5:20.【Get Price】

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most concrete posts will have reinforicing rod running the length of the post making it very difficult to attach fixings to. got a photo of posts are these fence posts if so will be unsuitable to hang a gate fromwhat's the overall width & height of these gates. diydave. as kiab said.【Get Price】

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how can i attach wooden fence posts to concrete? i'm trying to put up a wooden fence along part of my drive-way but there's a small concrete retaining wall (6" to 24" high and 8-10" depth) separating the properties.【Get Price】

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pour the concrete so that it’s above the soil level. trowel the top smooth and slope it so that water runs away from the post. 4. apply high-quality exterior acrylic latex caulk or silicone specifically designed to adhere to concrete at the base of the post. this will seal the gap between the concrete and post that’s caused by freeze/thaw cycles.【Get Price】

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post base attachment. to anchor posts to concrete footings you need to use a post base connector. whether you’re using natural decay-resistant or preservative-treated wood it’s recommended that posts be elevated off the concrete by 1 inch to help prevent decay at the end of the post due to moisture.【Get Price】

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repetitive slamming of the gate may weaken the concrete around the plug and it might break out. i have done this on a post and i drilled out a cup in the path for the post to sit in to give some extra strength. a metal strap fixed to the bottom of the post and into the path plus a strap from the post top onto the fence all helps.【Get Price】

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fixing a wooden post to a concrete one. at the bottom of the garden he has used an intermediate post as the last post. i need to somehow fix a wooden post to the side of this concrete post so i can then attach my fence panel to this i.e. the fence that runs along the bottom of my garden needs to somehow be atteched to the side of the concrete post.【Get Price】

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if you are confident in the strength of the concrete then we would urge you to select one of our high quality fence post anchors that is designed for mounting posts to concrete. once you have your fence materials you will need to snap a chalk line on your pad so that you can keep your fence posts straight and inline.【Get Price】

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re: i need a fence post mounted on a concrete pad. how a bout core drill the deck drop/drive in a steel post and grout it in... then use some brackets to attach the wood post to the steel post.【Get Price】

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how to anchor wrought iron fence posts to concrete measure the border of the concrete surface and mark the planned location of the posts. place a fence post at its location and mark the location of the holes in the welded plate... remove the post and drill the hole locations with a power drill and.【Get Price】

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this will attach your vinyl post to an existing concrete footer or sidewalk. step 3. attach your post to the adjacent flush concrete wall by inserting a small metal flat bracket into the pre-cut slots that are used for the fence rails on an end post. screw through the bracket the vinyl and into the flush concrete wall. make sure your post is level and shim as necessary.【Get Price】

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i'm installing a 6 foot tall panel fence with posts every 72". there is 42" of retaining wall above the footer. and the wall is 8" thick. my thought is to screw a u bracket of some sort into the footer with tapcons or something similar and then to bolt the post to the concrete wall using some type of a wedge anchor and epoxy.【Get Price】

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recommended methods of attaching fence posts to concrete walls. all exposed metal is to be stainless galvanized or coated to prevent rust. wood is to be treated. all exposed rebar is to be painted or coated. exposed steel is to be isolated from wall reinforcement. when inserting fixtures into top of wall shape concrete to drain water away from fixture. 3'-0" maximum height of post【Get Price】

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set posts in concrete when stability is extra important. concrete may be necessary if you are installing a fence in sandy soil or in very soft muddy soil. it's also a good idea when installing gate posts to provide extra stability. the main downside to concrete is its ability to trap water around the post.【Get Price】

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offering superior quality and a neighbor-friendly appearance this vinyl fence post concrete mount is the perfect solution for your fence project. made of durable low-maintenance vinyl for a classic look this mount works on concrete or wood surfaces.【Get Price】

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it is easily the most stable and strongest way to install a fence on top of a wall. if safety and security are the reason for the fence this method should strongly be considered. the depth of the hole should be as deep as possible but at least 4 inches. grout (not concrete) should be used to install posts on top of a wall.【Get Price】