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our okoume marine plywood is european made to a british standard 1088 grade and is lloyds registered. okoume marine plywood is lightest in weight among marine plywood products available. it has the best strength to weight ratio. okoume is strong and easy to work with for tooling. it has moderate resistance to rot and mildew.【Get Price】

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sunburst marine in gaylord mi (989-731-5491) is a dealer for shelman marine plywood. i have purchased bs1088 okoume and sapele 6mm from them. both excellent quality. i believe they also carry meranti.【Get Price】

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winwood products is a marine okoume plywood supplier offering the following configurations/options: okoume lightweight marine plywood. this group of lightweight plywoods is most often ordered by customers in its marine form. this is produced using veneers of okoume throughout its core.【Get Price】

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okoume marine plywood the okoume marine grade plywood is lightest in weight among all the marine plywood products available at edensaw. the okoume marine plywood can be used for hull and deck components structural bulkheads and latches. easy to work with for tooling these are also light and strong and ideal for weight savings for light weight craft.【Get Price】

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okoume. okoumé marine plywood is graded as being compliant with bs-1088 which is a british standard for marine plywood. our marine okoume plywood has a lloyd’s of london stamp that certifies it to be bs 1088. bs-1088 grading requires the same species throughout (face back and core) defect-free a grade face veneer with no repairs.【Get Price】

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new wholesale pricing on marine plywood douglas fir cca treated fir joubert okoume and hydro-tek meranti! we supply yacht house boat and pleasure craft manufacturers and floorrs locally and from around the country with high quality boat lumber and marine grade plywoods.【Get Price】

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how to use okoume plywood. okoume is primarily used for marine applications but it can be used for other applications as long as the edges and faces are well sealed. it is the easiest to bend of the marine plywoods making boat construction of the stitch-and-glue variety much easier than if a wood like fir were used.【Get Price】

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okoume plywood is commonly used as a marine board. ocean board is defined as bs1088 marine plywood international standard production environmental protection up to e0/e1 class boiling water 72 hours do not open glue generally used in yachts carts ships exterior buildings also known as "waterproof plywood" "marine plywood".【Get Price】

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unfinished marine baltic birch whole-piece face veneer plywood in thicknesses from 6mm or 1/4″ to 24mm or a full 1″ in six different thicknesses. this plywood is graded ii/iii and has all birch solid inner plies with no voids for durability and strength. it is constructed with exterior pholic resin glue. this is a nice paint-grade marine […]【Get Price】

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okoume plywood is available at some large retailers as well as at suppliers that specialize in marine plywood and related products. prices vary widely depending on thickness core quality source and of course any associated costs such as shipping. keep in mind that you’ll probably pay more for okoume than for other types of plywood.【Get Price】

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okoume bs1088 marine plywood. home: mahogany "ribbon-stripe" marine plywood. quote and order form: teak marine plywood. map to us: teak and holly m arine plywood . contact us . there are currently no items in your shopping cart. if you would like to get started browsing our store please click here.【Get Price】

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wood world has been providing high quality hardwoods to the chicago area for over 40 years. we pride ourselves in offering superior products and the relationships we’ve built with chicago's premier carpenters cabinet makers general contractors & woodworkers.【Get Price】

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the okoume marine grade plywood is lightest in weight among all the marine plywood products. the okoume marine plywood can be used for hull and deck components structural bulkheads and latches. easy to work with for tooling these are also light and strong and ideal for weight savings for light weight craft.【Get Price】

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okoume mahogany marine plywood okoume (aucoumea klaineana) also known as gaboon or combogala is only found in gabon the congo and equatorial guinea in africa. okoume has a high strength to weight ratio which is why it is the plywood of choice for racing boats and applications where weight is important.【Get Price】

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okoume marine plywood which is sometimes referred to as gaboon marine plywood is a bs 1088 lloyd’s register rotary-cut plywood. it is suitable for marine applications and boat building. it is lightweight flexible and has good strength. it is often used to sheath kayaks. marine plywood like any plywood is made up of several thin【Get Price】

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the okoume species is used extensively in wooden boat building for it's ideal strength and durability-to-weight ratio and is grown only in the equatorial west coast of africa. our okoume is virtually void free and manufactured by joubert. if you're in need of a strong light weight marine grade plywood then you just found it. stocking sizes【Get Price】

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description. bruynzeel okoume plywood our bruynzeel okoume gaboon (aucoumea klaineana) plywood is rated as bs 1088 and is the best product to be used for boat building and extreme environments.okoume gaboon is an african species that is very similar to mahogany that has a very consistent appearance with a tight grain and is very light.【Get Price】

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okoume (aucoumea klaineana) aka angooma gaboon or combogala is an african medium sized hardwood tree. it is the lightest of marine-grade plywood products between 8-12% lighter than meranti. bs 1088 standard. equal thickness okoume veneers each layers no void light weight strong painted or bright finish excellent bending.【Get Price】

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hechthout okoume marine plywood is one of the nicest marine grade plywoods around. very weather and water proof okoume marine plywood has been used for construction and boatbuilding for decades. the hechthout okoume marine plywood with an a grade surface on both sides allowing for a clear-face. this allows for a solid no void piece […]【Get Price】

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gaboon carries all those same features of okoume but throws in a mahogany like weather resistance. you will often see this referred to as “okoume gaboon” since the okoume name is well known as a top quality marine plywood species. the bruynzeel product uses this gaboon throughout the panel.【Get Price】

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chesapeake light craft's okoume marine grade plywood is manufactured in europe's finest mills to specs exceeding british standard 1088 and lloyd's of london standards. high-quality okoume is essential for homebuilt kayaks and smallcraft but it's difficult or impossible to get locally in most places. over the last 15 years clc has developed a.【Get Price】

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builders' forum ↓ scroll to last comment. does anyone know of a source for marine plywood in wi or northern il/chicago? thanks. nate brandt . 5 replies: « previous post list of posts next post re: source of marine ply in wi or northern il/chicago.【Get Price】