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19 may 2017 ... green board can sometimes get confused as being waterproof so ... blue board drywall is another moisture resistant drywall that is used ... this type of drywall is often used in bathrooms and other rooms with a lot of moisture.【Get Price】

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backerboard or mold resistant drywall april 8 2009 6:34 pm subscribe. bathroom diy filter: do we need to use cement board (backer board) for the walls ...【Get Price】

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what's the difference between drywall and cement board? drywall is used .... what kind of drywall should i use under kitchen or bathroom tile? use permabase ...【Get Price】

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green board is water resistant – it is not water-proof. green board is highly efficient in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture is frequently in the air but it is not ...【Get Price】

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shower wall tile vs. wall tile. prepping ... samples of various types of wall tile in blue-green brown gray and. choose the tile for .... you don't need to cover your entire bathroom in backer board just the wet shower area. in most cases your ...【Get Price】

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27 feb 2014 ... the amazon affiliate program link above is your personal link to purchase any of the tools we use or any other ...【Get Price】

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30 mar 2015 ... in the barn of the victorian restoration project house bob talks with a rep from us gypsum about the new technology that makes blue boards ...【Get Price】

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14 aug 2018 ... some believe that cement board such as durock is best used for tile in ... as shower stalls with greenboard and other water resistant drywall ... greenboard vs. ... greenboard's paper cover is a sea-foam green on one side.【Get Price】

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12 sep 2006 ... can i tile over green board? i remember taking an old bath apart and finding the tile had been glued up on greenboard with mastic instead of ...【Get Price】

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one trend i cringe at every time i see it is the application of cement board directly to studs or over drywall/greenboard/blueboard. first off ...【Get Price】

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21 jun 2019 ... learn when to use blue white green purple and even soundproof drywall. ... green board drywall also known as moisture-resistant drywall has ... bathroom and basement walls plus kitchens and laundry and utility rooms.【Get Price】

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philips bugle-head coarse thread sharp point drywall screws (1 lb.-pack). (306) .... gypsum board is the first and lightest 1/2 in. moisture- and mold-resistant panel available. as the lightest of ..... can i use this to build my shower walls? this question ..... easy to work with vs cement board and a darn sight lighter. -1point.【Get Price】

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8 may 2017 ... in bathrooms you'll want to make sure you choose the right type of drywall ... it's important to know about greenboard and where it's appropriate to use it. ... to use instead of standard gypsum board also known as drywall. .... drywall differences green and blue board sheetrock for plastering - duration: 7:32.【Get Price】

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tile will hold up fine on the blue board / green board in areas that are not wet. in the 50's it was common to install tile on regular sheetrock in ...【Get Price】

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a cement board has many varied uses in home construction and is often ... as siding or in wet areas inside the house such as bathrooms and kitchens due to ...【Get Price】

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this gypsum board have a specially formulated moisture resistant core. ... with. it is heavy and not water tolerant but the blue board can be used in moist areas.【Get Price】

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water-resistant drywall (or "greenboard") is a little more expensive than regular drywall but well worth the expense for moisture-prone areas such as bathrooms. ... attach the board to the wall-studs using cupped-head nails. set the nails by ...【Get Price】

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although these popular wallboard options are often discussed interchangeably important differences exist between drywall and blueboard.【Get Price】

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when doing a shower or tub with tile which should you use? my understanding is that green board is great for humid areas like a bathroom but ...【Get Price】

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14 sep 2018 ... doing basement or bathroom renovations you try to prevent mold from erupting ... though green board is a more cost-effective option than mold ...【Get Price】

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blue board and green board are both designed for use in applications where ... such as standard bathroom walls (not shower walls) and kitchen backsplashes.【Get Price】

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green board is *not* waterproof - it's water resistant; secret tip: paint it with .... i'd install it on all walls and ceilings in a bathroom so long as you follow the ...【Get Price】

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29 dec 2015 ... so which tile backer board should you use in your bathroom? .... the foam board itself is typically 3 times the cost of cement board. ... a rigid high density foam board made for insulation vs for tiling?- regarding just the foam for ...【Get Price】

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i am installing new drywall in the bathroom (moister resistant drywall ) ... green board has a different core compound also but will finish with ... "blue board" that has a layer of plaster bonding primer impregnated into the paper.【Get Price】

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bathroom drywall must be moisture-resistant and it's colored green to distinguish it from ... instead you should use cement glass fiber or fiber cement boards.【Get Price】

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this tutorial shares how to waterproof cement board using redgard. ... he decided to completely remove the existing blue bathtub (this blue must have been a ...【Get Price】

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18 mar 2019 ... it typically comes in the style of thin board sheets and installed on walls or ceilings. ... it is also good for use in the bathroom where extra insulation is never a bad thing. ... and gp green board which is an eco-friendly and recycled material ... foam core which makes them a lot easier to install than drywall.【Get Price】

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moisture-resistant paper-faced drywall (commonly known as. “green board”) as a suitable tile backing material in wet areas such as tub and shower surrounds.【Get Price】

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greenboard and blue board are both types of drywall but they are very different in terms ... you shouldn't use greenboard for shower walls even with tile on top.【Get Price】

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green board is basically sheetrock with a waxy paper face. it's not as stiff as cement board nor as waterproof both of which are nice to have ...【Get Price】