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comparing the costs of ipe and composite. still while ipe wood deck boards compete well in price with composite deck boards structural ipe lumber like 2×6’s and 4×4’s are incredibly expensive. an ipe wood 4×4 goes for around $80 in an 8-foot length and a 16-foot length will set you back nearly $200. a 2×6 will set you back around $65 and $125 dollars for the same lengths.【Get Price】

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the lowest cost per square foot for a pressure treated pine deck sells for about half the price of composite $15 versus $30 installation respectively. even high-end wood like cedar and redwood still come in under the price for the lowest composite decking.【Get Price】

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whilst it’s certainly true that a pvc or composite deck costs more than a cedar deck year after year more and more people are recognizing that they can offset this higher cost over the much longer lifespan of a wood alternative. furthermore the low-maintenance advantages mean they can also spend less money on maintenance and repairs.【Get Price】

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composite decking vs. wood cost. composite decking: $4-$13 per square foot for the boards. remains consistent year-round. wood: $10-$25. can vary depending on seasonal availability. the labor price to install a composite or wood deck ranges from $9 to $12 per square foot. since the process is quite similar regardless of the material the cost runs about the same.【Get Price】

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a low budget deck of this size made of pt wood costs an average of $2400. mid level quality board material such as or another composite will run about $4200. the most expensive materials are azec pvc ($4850) and cedar/redwood ($4900) see the table below which shows how much each type of decking costs per square foot as well as total construction price.【Get Price】

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quick summary: composite vs wood deck cost on average a pressure-treated wood deck will cost between $15 to $25 per square foot including installation. a cedar wood deck will cost $30 or more per square foot .【Get Price】

why cedar decks are a better choice than composite

adding any deck can improve your home's value but there is virtually no return on investment difference between the value of a cedar deck and a composite one. in other words cedar costs less than composite but still adds the same amount of value to your home. strength. along with being a better value than composite decks cedar decks are.【Get Price】

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real vs composite wood: which deck material wins cost-benefit in 2019? the differences between composite and pvc decking what is the best decking material? when you buy a house square footage is one of your top considerations.【Get Price】