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es 1050, 0.1 ~ 1.0%, fatty amine ester, pale yellow pellet, internal anti static agent for pp, pe liquid, internal antistatic agent for acryl adhesives, coating fatty acid ester, powder, lubricant additives for wood plastic composite, 1 ~ 6% 【Get Price】

static electricity on composite decking - acl staticide technical blog

24 mar 2017 static electricity on decks can occur when dry climate and low level humid air combine with dust particles that lay on deck surfaces. as an alternative to wood, insulating materials such as plastic composites are often used. this product is a non-toxic topical anti-stat that leaves behind a surface-active residual substance that washes away with water. since this product is not a permanent coating, reapplications are advised after weather conditions such as rains or 【Get Price】

antistatic agents - an overview sciencedirect topics

the antistatic agent has been widely used in the plastic industry and exhibits a broad application prospect in the to form a continuous conductive film on the surface of the fiber and the furniture once wood or composites are made into the laurence w. mckeen, in fluorinated coatings and finishes handbook, 2006 【Get Price】

5.3 enhanced technology for electrostatic spray on wood-plastic

5.3 enhanced technology for electrostatic spray on wood-plastic composites conductive adhesion promoters (cap's) with improved adhesion of powder and liquid coatings to nonconductive substrates primarily wood plastic composites, 【Get Price】

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solutions for the composites, digital printing, film, chipboard panels, offset printing, paper processing, textiles, gravure and composites · digital printing · plastic film · wood fibreboards · offset printing · paper processing · textiles · gravure and plastic film coating with antiblock, antistatic, anti-fog this is also necessary to prevent film-specific properties such as static charges, clinging or fogging from hampering the charging of the film is counteracted through antistatic agents.【Get Price】

anti static plastic sheet, cheap china aluminium composite panel

what is anti-static plastic sheet? anti-static plastic sheet uses an anti-static coating to fully paint aluminum composite panel, its specific resistance is below 109 ω, which is lower than common aluminum composite panel's, so it is not easy to 【Get Price】

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croda's range of speciality additives for use in wood plastic composites include process lubricants, anti-static additives and uv absorbers.【Get Price】

additives: three trends to track : plastics technology

additives that render plastic compounds antistatic or electrically and/or thermally conductive are in hot demand. permanent antistatic compounds from sabic innovative plastics eliminate expensive application of coatings to control static charges . these range from wood/plastic composites for decking and fencing to appliance components, with the aim of protecting the plastic from mold and mildew.【Get Price】

wood-plastic composites - an overview sciencedirect topics

wood polymer composites (wpcs) are a relatively recently developed product, the current market of 220,000 t per annum . various techniques are used for the improvement of interfacial adhesion including the coating of wood flour with stearic acid . production process is the reifenhauser's twin-screw extruder “bitruder” with counter-rotating intermeshing screws. . nanostructured materials strongly adhered to wood surface through electrostatic and hydrogen bonding interactions.【Get Price】

novatic introduces new anti-static and static dissipative coatings in

27 apr 2017 novatic, an experienced producer and developer of customized coatings, known for their specialty solutions have launched a range of anti-static and static dissipative polyurethane coating products ba.【Get Price】

antistatic agent - an overview sciencedirect topics

the antistatic agent has been widely used in the plastic industry and exhibits a broad application prospect in the to form a continuous conductive film on the surface of the fiber and the furniture once wood or composites are made into the laurence w. mckeen, in fluorinated coatings and finishes handbook, 2006.【Get Price】

oncolor? wpc wood plastic composite capstock technology

polyone's capstock solutions pair with traditional wood plastic composite (wpc) materials as a substrate for a durable outer layer, resulting in an ultra-low maintenance end product. typical applications include fencing, decking and custom 【Get Price】

anti-static additives static resistance for plastics - croda polymer

croda's anti-static additives reduce static build up in polymers to stop dust build up and handling problems during transport and external additives are dissolved in an appropriate solvent and are applied by spraying, wet coating or dipping.【Get Price】

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this brochure provides details and performance data on our range of anti-static additives for use internally or externally as additives and coatings & polymers divisions for use in pet, including products for mold release, anti-static, anti-fog, water resistance and maintaining hardness. download our wood plastic composites brochure to discover more about our range of additives for this application.【Get Price】

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we offer speciality polymer additives that have been scientifically developed to enhance wood plastic composite (wpc) processing and increase production output. a range of anti-static agents, uv absorbers, process aids and lubricants are 【Get Price】

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antistatic coatings. static charges can lead to numerous problems and often occur on plastic surfaces. coating with clevios? produces surfaces with an antistatic, static dissipative, or conductive finish with a precisely tunable sheet 【Get Price】

oncap? antistatic additives polyone

as polymer material moves through shear-inducing production equipment, positive or negative static charges can build oncap? antistatic additives control the buildup of static charges in thermoplastic parts, enabling them to dissipate by 【Get Price】

antistat-268 is designed for use as an antistatic coating for: ?paper

antistatic coating for: ?paper. ?cardboard. ?wood. ?most plastic substrates. technical data sheet. antistat-268 water-based carbon · resistive coating. description. ? single component, water based , electrically conductive.【Get Price】

new anti-static coating for plastics - coatings world

7 oct 2010 performance coatings international (pci) has introduced vueguard 941 anti-static coating for plastic products . a new generation of companies to create environmentally friendly yet high performance composite products.【Get Price】

additive solutions for wood-fiber composites - addcomp north america

priex additives also help the polymer matrix coat the wood particles, which reduces moisture absorption anti-fogging agents anti-oxidants anti-static agents blowing agents clarifying agents cleaning agents compatibilizers coupling agents.【Get Price】

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the plastics supplier directory is the database dedicated to plastics industry supply chain, helping them find the products & services they need.advanced coating service,container automation systems,tef cap industries inc.,acl, inc.【Get Price】

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12 nov 2008 based on the initial finding of this work static bending properties of the samples enhanced as above wood-plastic composites (wpc) are widely used in usa, the most common type of such panels are produced by mixing 【Get Price】