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7 iranian boats harass navy ship in gulf - abc news

sep 6, 2016 iranian fast boats have once again harassed an american ship in the persian gulf, forcing a u.s. navy patrol boat to take evasive maneuvers to【Get Price】

iran is training tiny boats in persian gulf that could hurt the us navy

aug 3, 2018 the us navy stands unmatched on earth in terms of size and ability, but iran has formed a "guerrilla army at sea" that is small, fast, deadly, and【Get Price】

2 small us navy boats with 10 sailors aboard held by iran, us

jan 12, 2016 two small u.s. navy boats with 10 sailors on board were being held by iran tuesday after possibly drifting into iranian waters, officials said.【Get Price】

iranian military boats veer dangerously close to us warship fox

jul 12, 2016 boats from iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps maneuvered dangerously close to a u.s. military vessel in the strait of hormuz on monday【Get Price】

iran deploys 50 small boats to strait of hormuz for large-scale

aug 2, 2018 iran began a large-scale exercise in the strait of hormuz on thursday involving more than 50 small boats, practicing “swarming” operations that【Get Price】