mcnichols molded stair tread covers

hd plank - plank grating mcnichols

heavy-duty planks are for heavier loading and cover longer spans. their one-piece construction feature makes them structurally sound and efficient. mcnichols<sup>?</sup> heavy-duty planks carry the grip strut<sup>?</sup> trade name and are formed out&nbsp;【Get Price】

mcnichols quality grating fastener, stainless steel, type m5 1h

60cm714129 , mcnichols quality grating fastener, stainless steel/type 316, each, type m5 1h 1.5sq with hardware.【Get Price】

stair treads in florida (fl) on thomasnet

these companies offer a comprehensive range of stair treads, as well as a variety of related products and services. types include ergonomic, anti-fatigue, corrugated runner, chevron, coil, diamond pattern, molded single piece distributor of stair parts including treads and covers. mcnichols/all-products&nbsp;【Get Price】

u-edging - accessories mcnichols

mcnichols<sup>?</sup> u-edging covers sharp edges and provides an attractive appearance. we stock 10- and 12-foot pieces in aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel materials. this item can be cut to the size needed for your project.【Get Price】

fabrication services mcnichols

mcnichols offers 19 metal service center locations with fabrication services such as cutting, fastening, welding, polishing these include mcnichols<sup>?</sup> bar grating, pultruded, and molded fiberglass grating, as well as plank grating stair treads. we have the in-house capability to fabricate stair treads in a wide range of material types and in more than 20 styles! most customers choose a channel (u-edge) to secure and cover any unfinished edges of the hole product selection.【Get Price】

mcnichols? fiberglass solutions

mcnichols?. fiberglass solutions. mcnichols has the largest selection of fiberglass. grating in north america . mini-grid?. square molded. molded. stair treads. molded stair. tread cover. pattern types.【Get Price】

designer - perforated metal mcnichols

available in a variety of elegant, timeless patterns, mcnichols<sup>?</sup> designer perforated metals offer a high-end look as well as a durable but lightweight configuration, making it easy to fabricate and form without compromising strength. distinct&nbsp;【Get Price】

site map mcnichols

get the complete picture with our mcnichols sitemap to see all of the pages that we have to offer from our products like wire mesh, or services like metal fabrication or ladder rung cover plank &middot; stair tread plank &middot; extruded stair tread plank.【Get Price】

molded - stair treads - fiberglass - f26811tc mcnichols

f26811tc21 mcnichols carries molded stair tread, fiberglass sgf, gray 1-1/2 x 6 rectangular grid, 1-1/2" grid height, grit surface, msgfr resin, 79% open area, panel, integral nosing, no endplates, lwo parallel to length&nbsp;【Get Price】

plank grating mcnichols

we carry grip strut, perf-o grip, traction tread, diamondback, grate-lock and more in a variety of fiberglass grating &middot; molded .. additional construction types consist of several ladder rung plank styles, as well as stair tread plank grating options. ldr rung cvr ladder rung cover plank.【Get Price】

perforated metal mcnichols

mcnichols carries the largest inventory of perforated metal products in north america, with a vast selection of sizes, gauges, materials, and hole types available. in both high-end and industrial settings, perforated metal brings strength and&nbsp;【Get Price】

ladder rungs mcnichols

mcnichols carries slip-resistant ladder rung plank in grip strut<sup>?</sup>, diamondback<sup>?</sup>, and traction tread<sup>?</sup> styles, as well as grip tight<sup>?</sup> ladder rung covers. this line of hole products requires minimal maintenance and ensure&nbsp;【Get Price】

stair treads mcnichols

we also supply a stair tread plank item with a built-in shelf designed to accept cast-abrasive nosing. if your application requires fiberglass grating stair treads, we carry molded stair tread planks, molded stair tread cover planks as well&nbsp;【Get Price】

bar grating - stair treads - carbon - 660431t1 mcnichols

660431t123, 660431t173 mcnichols carries stair tread, type b - standard, checker plate nosing, carbon steel uncoated mill finish, gw 125 serrated, welded, 1-1/4" x 3/16" bearing bars spaced 1-3/16" on center, serrated surface,&nbsp;【Get Price】

hole products mcnichols

mcnichols offers the largest selection of hole products in the united states with 19 metal service center locations with a varity of patterns, sizes and materials. our core products molded fiberglass grating stair treads - welded bar grating.【Get Price】

molded - fiberglass grating mcnichols

mcnichols carries a large supply of molded fiberglass grating. availabe in concave or grit surface. comes in a variety of resins, colors, heights, and grid patterns. we also stock ada-compliant products, stair tread covers and panels.【Get Price】

fiberglass grating mcnichols

mcnichols offers a wide range of fiberglass grating, both molded or pultruded products in a variety of resins, colors, fiberglass grating, molded, stair tread panel, ms-r-st-150, fiberglass, sgf polyester resin, gray, 1-1/2" grid height,&nbsp;【Get Price】

decking and flooring mcnichols

mcnichols carries a wide selection of decking & flooring products with safe, slip-resistant surface properties for walkways plate flooring, traction tread, ada, aluminum, button-top (36" width), .1250" thick (8 gauge), slip-resistant&nbsp;【Get Price】

mcnichols? grating catalog

mcnichols? fiberglass grating, molded, ms-s-150 -. flooring for print takeoffs □ cut-to-size □ notching □ edging □ welding □ infill panels □ stair treads □ metal finishes. mcnichols? stair. tread cover panel ww.【Get Price】

trench drain mcnichols

mcnichols polycast<sup>?</sup> presloped trench drain systems are designed for indoor and outdoor residential, commercial and industrial applications. polycast<sup>?</sup> trench drain channels are made of a stronger-than-concrete precast&nbsp;【Get Price】

molded fiberglass - stair treads mcnichols

mcnichols stocks molded fiberglass stair tread cover panels that are corrosion resist, safe, and fire retardant. stocked in black with a 2" yellow radius lip nosing, molded products are lightweight but can support heavy loads. in stock or&nbsp;【Get Price】

plate flooring - decking and flooring mcnichols

the ada-compliant plate is a corrosion-resistant, lightweight alternative to steel plate. mcnichols traction tread<sup>?</sup> plate flooring has the strength and durability to withstand heavy traffic loads. a surface of aggressive, raised perforated&nbsp;【Get Price】

stair treads sizes & weights - mcnichols

extruded stair tread plank. 2.6. #/lf. hd extruded stair tread. hd-ext. aluminum. 67t3956030. 12-1/8" x 30". hd extruded stair tread. 10.7. each. fiberglass grating. molded stair tread. cover&nbsp;【Get Price】

055500 metal stair treads and nosings - bpm select

nystrom offers a complete line of metal stair tread nosings for your commercial building. .. stair treads · stair tread repair covers · nosings. . mcnichols? quality bar grating stair tread, welded, plain steel, checker plate nosing, gw 125, 1-1/4" x 3/16" bearing bars, mcnichols? quality molded fiberglass stair tread covers are intended to provide a cost-effective slip resistant surface cover&nbsp;【Get Price】