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19 jul 2012 the deck devil is an essential tool for the professional contractor for pushing and pulling the toughest boards straight in practically any situation. in thi【Get Price】

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1 jun 2014 bellingham home inspection (king of the house) lag bolts and ledger boards - duration: 2:30. king of the house home inspection, bellingham, wa 178,949 views · 2:30 · cut your electric bill in half central air conditioner 【Get Price】

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30 apr 2014 now, would you want small holes though the siding or your gaping/flashed leger board, reliant on a single if you wish to ensure that water doesn't lay in behind the leger and rot the siding (which has to be wood and not vinyl 【Get Price】

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so we rip-cut a spacer board to 1 1/4-inches thick. slip the siding board behind above siding. 7. slip the siding up under the siding board above. you may need to pry the upper board out a bit, and you may need to remove some nails. use the 【Get Price】

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follow proper installation sequence to prevent water penetration at deck ledger (see figure 2). ? leave gap between first deck board and flashing to allow for drainage (see figure 3). ? use spacer behind ledger to provide gap for drainage ( 【Get Price】

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deck2wall spacers are designed to easily and efficiently provide airspace between buildings and deck ledgers, stair stringers, shade structures, railing posts, fence posts, etc proper airspace and sound construction details should prevent rot 【Get Price】

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26 may 2015 in the second episode of our new series, jason lake shows you how to properly attach a ledger board when building a deck. jason is a contractor, host of deck【Get Price】

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23 may 2012 i like the air space -- or, better yet, an independent deck foundation so that no ledger board is required. the code permits a 1?2-in. stack of washers as a spacer, or you can use alternatives such as deck-2-wall spacers (deck2wallspacer). to ensure that the wall behind the ledger is watertight, i apply a strip of aluminum or pvc coil stock wide enough to cover the top lap on 【Get Price】

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original deck2wall? spacers - model d2w58 5/8” thick x 2 1/2” diameter; glass ?lled polypropylene; center hole approximately in addition to the ledger connection, decks have many important connections and components to consider.【Get Price】

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this section of hammer & hand's best practices manual details deck ledgers. deck ledgers detail 5 drill pilot holes in the pt ledger board hammer & hand deck ledgers detail 6 center spacers over bolt holes hammer & hand.【Get Price】

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these yellow deck board spacers can be used to space boards either 1/8 in. or 3/16 in. apart. of water infiltration, and it can be years before you discover the damage caused by water finding its way behind the ledger and into your home.【Get Price】

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16 jan 2017 deck spacer is the perfect tool to ensure uniform spaces between deck boards, and to align deck screws during construction. ? straight, consistent spacing re【Get Price】

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1 nov 2008 to allow for drainage between the house and the deck, many builders put spacers between the deck ledger and once the ledger has been screwed or bolted in place, there's no need for any additional sealing or flashing, and the siding behind the ledger remains undisturbed. the space between the deck and the house also allows a little room for seasonal expansion of deck boards.【Get Price】

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install ledger board with piece of mind. sold in packs of 5. "don't let your deck rot your house". deck2wall spacers are designed to easily and efficiently provide air space between buildings and deck ledgers, stair stringers, shade structures, 【Get Price】

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10 mar 2014 buildingcodecollege offers free, online, self-paced, building code education to the entire construction industry.【Get Price】

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the ledger is solidly bolted to structure with two or three bolts through the ledger and spacer and band board. the brick veneer goes on past behind the ledger and is not loaded in any way. its best if the predrilled spacers are 【Get Price】

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20 may 2011 even if your contractor gets it right, there can still be a lot of damage caused gets in behind the ledger board and contractor uses vinyl spacer pins, which will allow the water to drain freely between the ledger and house.【Get Price】

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25 jun 2012 /tools/ the amazon affiliate program link above is your personal link to purchase any of the tools we use or any other purchases r【Get Price】

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10 dec 2010 he cites rob thallon's graphic guide to frame construction, which describes the use of 3/4-in. spacers filled with silicone caulk, but has no idea where to get them. any water trapped behind the ledger can induce rot, if not in the ledger itself than in sheathing and framing of the house. “a ledger board has no point except to transfer loads from the deck to the house,” he says. “if one 【Get Price】

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13 nov 2015 bellingham home inspection (king of the house) lag bolts and ledger boards - duration: 2:30. king of the house home inspection, bellingham, wa 178,084 views · 2:30. how to install the ledger - duration: 2:52. the deck 【Get Price】

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prevent rot from occurring at deck ledger connections by using deck2wall spacers. the plastic spacers provide a space for water . fasteners (20. deckwise wiseguides 1/4 in. gap deck board spacer for hidden deck fasteners (20-count).【Get Price】

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13 nov 2015 pre-drilling separate pilot holes for the rim board and ledger in order to install lag screws has become a thing of the past. ledgers can also now be spaced off the wall with stacked washers or deck-to-wall spacers, providing an air gap so ledgers can dry out and prevent rot. . the gap between the decking and siding is a clean look with the flashing up behind by 4″ which you can 【Get Price】