staining wood deck floor

decks. how to stain a deck

learn how to stain a wood deck. they don't protect the wood from checking and cracking when the wood dries out. water based stain is a lot more forgiving than oil based stains because you can splash it on and mop it across the floor and 【Get Price】

how to paint a wood deck - youtube

19 dec 2012 professional painter cole schaefer shows the best way to paint a wood deck. for more how-to paint video after staining my syp deck in the south several times with poor longevity, i tried painting it. started with a dark paint, 【Get Price】

deck stain: why most people mess up their deck big-time

22 mar 2017 it's the world's most complete, in-depth and up-to-date source of wooden deck staining and deck finishing . if your deck is big, a walk-behind, vibrating floor sander (right) or a drum sander (left) makes quick work of large, flat 【Get Price】

how do i stain my wooden porch or deck? -

15 jun 2016 if you want to make your deck floor the focal point, stain your floor boards a shade or two lighter than your home's base color. interested in for darker wood stains, work from the top down and protect your surface from drips.【Get Price】

how to clean and stain a wood deck - youtube

16 jun 2012 how to clean and stain a wood deck ~ on this diy youtube video, you will see the step-by-step instructions on the process of cleaning and staining a wood dec【Get Price】

staining a deck - roll vs brush vs spray - youtube

12 sep 2013 a homeowner compares rolling, brushing & spraying stain on his deck. sprayers also can and do leave an uneven surface, especially on the floor and generally need to be . ive been painting for 30yrs u hav to back brush when u spray,cuz the sprayer just lays the stain on the wood the brush massages 【Get Price】

how to stain a deck (6 steps) - youtube

11 apr 2017 cleaning and applying a protective coat of stain can not only extend the life of your deck, but also give it an updated look. premier can help! step by step:【Get Price】

how to refinish wood porch floor: autumn diy project inspiration

deck & pergula need to be patched, stripped & stained. how to strip stain off a deck with behr wood stain & finish stripper and behr all in one wood cleaner. didn't powerwash as it can splinter the wood and leave it less smooth.【Get Price】

painting or staining a wooden deck fix

6 aug 2015 learn some tips for painting, staining, and maintaining a wooden deck. before doing either, find out preparing your deck for paint or stain floor paints used to be limited in color options, but not anymore. more choices 【Get Price】