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rational agents

quote from the textbook: in a sense, all areas of engineering can be seen as designing artifacts that interact with the world. ai operates that end of the spectrum, where the artifacts use significant computational resources and the task and 【Get Price】

rational agents (chapter 2)

function vacuum-agent([location,status]) returns an action if t t. di t th t. s k. ? if status = dirty then return suck. ? else if location = a then return right. ? else if location = b then return left. ? else if location = b then return left 【Get Price】

foundations of artificial intelligence - 2. rational agents nature and

2 may 2011 an omniscient agent knows the actual efiects of its actions. in comparison, a rational agent behaves according to its percepts and knowledge and attempts to maximize the expected performance. example: if i look both ways 【Get Price】

agent architectures

rational agent. for every possible sequence of perceptions, a rational agent chooses the action that maximizes the expected value of its performance measure, given its knowledge up to that moment 【Get Price】

a real-world rational agent: unifying old and new ai - institute of

a real-world rational agent: unifying old and new ai. paul f.m.j. verschurea,?. , philipp althausb. ainstitute of neuroinformatics, university/eth zürich, zürich, switzerland. bcentre for autonomous systems, royal institute of technology, 【Get Price】